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      <h3>Cruise & Learn</h3>  <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/cruising.html"> <img src="http://vancouversailingclub.com/images/bc flag.jpg" alt="British Columbia" width="217" height="113" /></a></p>          <h3>Advanced Training</h3>  <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/courses/intermediate-courses/keelboat-racing-crew-program.html"> <img src="http://vancouversailingclub.com/images/rya-charter-logo.jpg" alt="RYA Keelboat Racing" width="190" height="70" /></a></p>        <p> </p>  <p>COVID-19 Guidance:</p>  <p>The VSC  is developing a range of resources to help Instructors, VSC Members, and the wider boating community, to prepare for a return to the water as safely and as soon as possible. </p>  <p>Throughout all of our guidance, the ‘principles’  laid out below will be followed:</p>  <ol><li>We will always follow local, Province of BC and Canadian Federal Government guidelines </li>  <li>We will, as a boating community, take a considerate and conservative approach:   <ul><li>Be Considerate: mindful of the potential impact that you have on other water users and do not place unnecessary extra strain on the Canadian Coast Guard, RCMP Marine Unit, Vancouver Police Marine Unit and 911 emergency services.</li>  <li></li>  <li>Be Conservative: help to minimise risk of infection by taking an extra conservative approach. All sailing requires a Sail Plan that identifies the risk factors including COVID-19 and the procedures to optimize safe outcomes. </li>  </ul></li>  </ol><p>Please feel free to Contact Us if you require assistance in planning for your safety on the water.</p>  <h2>2020 Cruising Destinations</h2>      <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/cruising.html/corfu-greece-2017-ionian-sea-sailing-adventure.html"> <img src="http://vancouversailingclub.com/images/Corfu--CATBoat.jpg" alt="Corfu CATBoat" width="241" height="133" /></a></p>  <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/cruising.html/corfu-greece-2017-ionian-sea-sailing-adventure.html">Corfu, Greece</a>- CANCELLED</p>  <p>Circumnavigate the Island of Corfu. It has an abundance of wind, sun, sandy beaches and the clear clean water of the Ionian Sea. It's friendly seaside villages flourish with surrounding hillside olive groves, vineyards and tavernas that line their ideallic coves.</p>      <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/british-virgin-islands.html"> <img src="http://vancouversailingclub.com/images/british-virgin-islands-vancouver-cruise.jpg" alt="British Virgin Islands Cruise" /></a></p>  <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/british-virgin-islands.html"> British Virgin Islands</a>- CANCELLED</p>  <p>The British Virgin Islands are consistently rated as one of the world's top three sailing destinations. Register early for our 7 or 14 day Bareboat Charter & Cruising Catamaran Cruise & Learn.</p>      <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/desolation-sound.html"> <img src="http://vancouversailingclub.com/images/desolation-sound-vancouver-cruise.jpg" alt="Desolation Sound Cruise" /></a></p>  <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/desolation-sound.html">Desolation Sound</a>- CANCELLED </p>  <p>One hundred miles north of Vancouver is Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands. In July and August our Vancouver and Powell River based Cruise & Learn <a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/desolation-sound.html">Desolation Sound sailing</a> adventures will take you north to a vast wilderness area, teeming with coastal wildlife, mountains and protected anchorages.</p>      <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/gulf-islands.html"> <img src="http://vancouversailingclub.com/images/gulf-islands-vancouver-cruise.jpg" alt="Gulf Islands Cruise" /></a></p>  <p><a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/gulf-islands.html">Gulf Islands</a>- Limited Private  CRUISE & LEARN</p>  <p>Our Vancouver based Cruise & Learn takes you to the <a href="http://vancouversailingclub.com/gulf-islands.html">Gulf Islands</a>, where you can earn your Certifications for Day Skipper and Bareboat Charter Master. Enjoy sailing and the cruising comforts of our performance cruiser through the long protected channels, quiet coves and fascinating ports-of-call. F U N and adventure!</p>

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