Sea Dog Sailing ASA Certification


    <p>Be Smart, Be Sensible, Travel Safe</p>           <p>We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard in 2021!</p>    <p>We are constantly in touch with our yacht bases and local contacts around the world. We also constantly monitor country by country travel and safety guidelines. At this time we have every reason to believe that all our destinations will be safe and up to tourism/traveling standards. We highly advise all our customers to be diligent and check out airline, hotel and travel guidelines in their own state and countries. </p>    <p>We will encourage all customers to pack several face coverings, hand sanitizer and gloves for their trip. We do not require anyone to wear these on board but if you feel safer with these items ashore then by all means brings them/wear them.</p>    <p>We will also comply to all international rules on travel as well as rules on hygeine and sanitation. We will always comply to local cultural and safety guidelines set forth by each country, airline, city and port/dock. We will in turn ask you to do the same when you travel with us.</p>    <p>Aboard both Allison and myself will be taking extra precautions for cleanliness. </p>    <p>Any questions or comments are always welcome - call,email or text Stacey anytime. </p>    <p>Stay Safe and Healthy! Captain Stacey and First -Mate Allison</p>

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