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Welcome to Joe Cooper Sailing!

My goal here is to provide information that will help you get more and better value from the most expensive asset most of us have after our houses. Here you will find ideas, techniques, musings, coaching services, and more all with one goal: to help you enjoy sailing more and so get better value from your sailing.

Some of the areas I have, and can, help people in are covered here.

I have sailed on boats as a young boy in Sydney, as an America’s Cup sailor in Newport, as a boat owner, delivery master, and high school sailing coach. I have raced and cruised boats large and small (21 feet to 56 meters) around the buoys and across the ocean.

I have sold boats, built them, fixed them, rigged them, sold sails for them, written about them, taught others to use them, spoken about them, coached high school sailors, and adults and thought about them for most of my life.

Whether you have a question on something simple that can be solved over the phone or need some private coaching, or are trying to build a crew for racing, prepare for ‘The Exit Plan’ or just want to read my blog with techniques and tips (first tip: subscribe to my blog!) I hope you’ll find that you are enjoying sailing more after spending time here.


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