I’m a travel planner who’s been on over 25 cruises. Here are 9 of the biggest mistakes I see cruisers make.

Cruise rooms are small, so don’t overpack for your trip.

Bathroom in cruise ship room. Your bathroom will probably be on the smaller side. Jennifer Greene

While thinking about what to pack, don’t skimp on the necessities. Be sure to pack medicine, specific products, and anything else you need that can’t be bought on board. 

But keep in mind that bathrooms are small, so don’t pack your entire makeup bag either. Just bring what you need. 

If you’re going to the Caribbean, you might not need a heavy jacket or boots. But you might need those things for an Alaskan cruise. And it’s helpful to always check the dress code for restaurants and formal dining nights so you’re prepared. 

Pro tip: You’ll probably do a lot of walking on the ship and on excursions, so pack a comfortable pair of sneakers or sandals for daily wear. 

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