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We’re Ready to Put Our Sails Up for You

Two Brothers Sailing Adventures is ready to put our sails up for you. It all starts by tailoring the length of your sail within two to three hours, or more. We provide many options and choices including the sites you’ll sail to and see and the fare you’ll be treated to during your trip with us. Each sailing adventure is conducted by one of our licensed captains with the duty of keeping their passengers safe and entertained on beautiful Lake Michigan.

Two Brothers Sailing Adventures is your Chicago sailing destination. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of adventure, including small boat rentals, luxury yacht charters and sailing lessons.

Whether you’re traveling from the Midwest, or across Lake Michigan, Two Brothers Sailing Adventures is the perfect destination for an adventurous sailing getaway in Chicago.

Our licensed charter captains are fully trained, and we guarantee you’ll have a fun, safe sail in the Chicago area. We look forward to welcoming you aboard, and showing you why people love to go “sails up” with Two Brothers Sailing Adventures.

We may be the captain, but when you sail with us, we let you take the helm. Whether you want to sail for two hours or five, see specific sites, or just sit back and enjoy Lake Michigan, we’re committed to providing you with a unique Chicago sailing experience. 

Let’s set sail together and make some great memories!

We encourage you to be yourself unless you want to be a pirate then always be a pirate! We pride ourselves on using ALL of our sails, not just revving an engine and calling it sailing in Chicago. All of our sails fly high barring safety concerns.

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